EVE TEASING: bawdiness in the nerve of Adams

Eve teasing is one of the most shameful realities of today’s modern civilized society. It is derived from the word eve from bible which stands for the first woman in the world and teasing consisting of verbal and sexual exploits of the eve. It has no sacred places as it ranges from hospitals, metros, trains, offices, colleges and even temples and Gurudwaras.
In recent few years, eve teasing has become a serious and wide spread cause of depression and fear among the females, especially in India. It ranges from dirty vulgar comments, brushing in public places and even leads to rape and deaths. Recently a medical student in Delhi was brutally raped and killed because she opposed the ugly eve teasers and same lewd case of eve-teasing had happened in one of the well known area of south Delhi “ Lajpat nagar subway” .It has become so rampant that girls even don’t find themselves safe in broad light. It can be categorized as a “Soft Rape”. From students to housewives and working women, everyone faces this eve teasing. Some faces it in metros, trains and buses, some in crowded market places, and some in male dominant offices for the sake of promotion and incentives. And the most shameful aspect is that the most active eve teasers are the educated and civilized males of this society which always hide their lustful nature by the mask of austere by the help of their white collars and foreign dollars. Studies show that every 9 out of 10 female faces the problem of eve teasing in any of its form once or more than in their life. Its quiet shameful in our society where we boast of giving women most respect and where women want to walk with equal pace and honor with men.
Government has made many laws and provisions to stop eve teasing. Providing separate women compartments in trains, metros, having special women seats in buses, providing those separate counters in railway bookings and banks are few steps taken by government but the fact is that the number of traveling and working women is increasing day by day and the provisions are too less compared to their numbers. According to my assumption for now women can sing this rhyme…”There will be a day, there will b a day, i will be no longer a prey, no longer a thing to play..There will be a day”. For this rhyme of expectations to come true both government and mango people have to understand all the factuality of feelings, truth, emotions of a women which beast of ecstasy as very well to ruin in, and every women should understand their rights and should always feed their log with important emergency numbers like women helpline numbers which really act so pacily the moment when any woman contact them. So we all should follow up this adage “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.


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