labyrinth of “New Media” – Social Media marketing

In the century of 16th, humans were most depended on traditional media to promote or to get portent. Nowadays new media has totally invaded our system of survival by introducing many staple tools to avail perk for company’s website, for social as well for the financial rise. These tools are more famously know as ‘social media marketing tools’ which include- creating an impactful content to sensationalize human and to push their ethos to promote it via social media to again build a “sphere of impact” in simple to have website traffic.

Companies are not at the rear to update them, to leverage a stretch full of benefits for an instance social media campaigns are the best examples to study social media, their influence and dependency of the firm on social media to get acknowledged. Social media campaign is a marketing tool to enhance visitors on a particular site and also to do research to raise the bar of rapport between public and the firm, vice-verse. In the ages of new media about 45% is dominated by newbie and 40% by oldies (15% of them are tech freak) actually admiring the surprises offered by social media sites for instance g+, face book, twitter, linked IN many more.

“Going viral”– before people were only aware of the term viral in the facet of biology but the function and meaning of the term ‘viral’ totally get changed. As nowadays going viral means getting famous, best example of this can be –PSY video of Gangam style, Kolaveri-D. AS the human and their cranial broadsheet get altered, meaning of viral also gone under the process of same. To make site more presentable and full of likes, companies are actually using the same campaign of video inclusion. Like a colorful blossom attracts pollinators, in the same way unique sites attract customers.

In the year 2004, Big Brother social media campaign – in this year channel 4 had introduced a new twist to gain audience gusto to increase their TRP rate. 2004 could be considered as the year of convergence of broadcast and the new media. Making of official big brother website where viewers could rate, could vote even were topped with the benefit of watching online videos of in-mates and un-edited footage. These marker tools actually raised TRP rates and viewers number which further increased urge in audiences to get more and more to entertain them.

Manual petition got replaced by social media intrusion– many petition campaigns are famous for instance AAP petition against black money, petition against Sonia Gandhi but 16th December rape case brandish a new raze of filing petition by using social media most famously on face book and twitter and in approximate total 9 billion people signed the petition against the accused. People are finding, social media as a common platform to raise their voices against social issues as it includes strength of many not effacelly but virtually.

Branding campaign by dove, using social media– how ‘Dove’ used social media to estimate and to study their brand? Conspicuous one was the photo contest campaign- to get featured on television actually fumed a torrent waves in the nerves of comely humans which aided ‘dove’ to increase visitors number on their website, also led website to know about audiences views for their product and their experiences to share socially.

Campaign of exposing Israel crime via social media– this campaign commenced in the year 2012, tried to eradicate the curtain of illusion. This campaign is to calumniate the Israeli war crimes betided in Palestine. Some group of protestor initiated this campaign to let whole world to face and to feel the same pain given by brutal act of beating women and children, in Palestine.

Above mentioned social media campaign are few but enough to describe the use of social media and their impact on us. ‘Time to grow, time to change because everyone is in pace ‘- this adage can be consider as the real life expression as in 21st century no one having time to even spare five minutes to study and to understand insipid things, indeed this could be consider as the main challenge in front of companies – how to attract audience in few seconds? This can only be possible by being a new media acquainted creature. Social media, presently interim as a communal parasite that is its being attached with many and benefiting all and in revert not taking anything. It’s true to say that in reality social media worked as a spider to knit a web full of companies which actually helped them to get interlinked to aid each other, in raising economical and social value of the nation.


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