“Six ways to make social media campaigns go viral”


While surfing on internet I found Harlem shakes, PSY-Gangnam style are recently most liked video on YouTube, seen by around billion viewers. This leads my brain in a perplexing trap that’s why these videos are so famous? Why not others? What interest people? What are the features which made them go “viral” on cyberspace?

“Jonah Berger” (an assistant professor in Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania) recently gave a ‘theory of STEPPS’ -how to make your marketing campaigns go viral deals with all. He suggested how to make public go crazy for your media campaigns.

Six keys of success for your social media campaigns:-

1)    Social Currency: – it’s a common stage which lets consumers and customer to get interlinked by the action of words. Why it’s being most important key amongst all.

  • It aids a firm to get promoted publicly both offline and online.
  • Engages audience.

2)    Triggers: – it’s so common to see that people get engaged with a particular object which eventually led to a whole conversation between users, but why? Because audience relate them with their experiences and behavior. So, trigger key indeed triggers the reality zone of audiences.

3)    Emotion: – caption always play an important role in exalting a social media campaign. To make it successful caption must owe emotional values, only then it will allure viewers to watch and promote.

4)    Public availability: – people always like what is easy to access and unique. To make a campaign go viral you need to keep it simple and easy to understand with the pinch of uniqueness.

5)    Practical value: – too much courtesy, too much craft- this adage actually doesn’t work in social media until and unless you actually show the beneficial part of it.

6)    Stories: – it’s a fundamental key to give a firm base to a social media campaign. In our usual life we see that, we do talk about various product and also tell people the same. It’s a kind of storytelling as it includes narrator (campaign) and listeners (audience). Now think what if narrator itself has a weak story? It will never interest viewers.

Next time whenever you do plan to create a social media campaign, don’t forget to follow the science behind getting “viral”. Now set yourself for the race to hit social media campaigns with the power of science – get set viral…

Reference- http://www.inc.com/dave-kerpen/marketing-go-viral-steps.html



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