What a great mobile app can do for you?


Imagine a phone without mobile apps it would be like a planet without living creatures. Apps make a mobile look alive. A decade before, mobiles were just considered as electronic device to make calls, messages and to receive them. Nowadays the purpose of mobile has totally changed, mobile can be re-named as an “electronic updating device”. Now this alludes out an important point who led to these historic improvisations? Answer would be the association of advance apps with mobile operating systems. We use many mobile apps installed in our phone like Opera mini browser, Dropbox, Viber many more. These apps actually have drivel in our daily life. We can navigate our friends, thieves all just because of navigation mobile apps.

Apps marketer keep many things in mind while creating an app like

–         What will interest users?

–         Should be easily accessible

–         Should have styled landing page

–         Get easily install

A good app goes through a huge process of testing to become an enticing and eye-catching app. “Optimimo” (http://www.optimimo.com/) provides all technically advance platform to apps by testing it with the help of A/B testing tool”. These tools allow apps creating firms to understand ‘user need” and to customize apps accordingly because once apps get launch it become impossible to upgrade it.

 Significance of a great mobile app:-

1)    Help to make companies’ relation stronger and trustful with users– its quiet common to see , if we like something we buy it again which actually makes bond strong between company and consumers in the same way app which provide more quality rich services to users will maintain the superiority all the time.

2)    Increases selling – great mobile app means more praising hands for company.

3)    Notifications on app which help users to keep themselves updated– to explain this facet of significance let’s take the example of TOI mobile app which keep users updated all the time by updating mobile app content every minute.

4)    One-click service let users to explore your inventory– not every apps avail this opportunity to users to go deep in their inventory to explore whatever they need but great app keep special tabs for their users to let them know more about what they are clicking at.

Mobile social apps like of face book, Twitter have actually become very famous as these are affordable and effective in public reach. Popularity of mobile apps is touching cloud nine because mobile app users have become more explorative and every next time they browse they search mobile app according to their requisition which changes everyday ergo can say presently, mobile apps have become a tech-friend of ours.



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