“Array of treacherous gush”

ImageIt’s a true adage to say that no one can posses the power to control absolute being and his raze. The God again showed his wrath to annihilate humans and their hominid activity which were indeed invading the secrecy of nature. Presently, the sphere of antagonism included all regions of Uttrakhand under the course of devastation. Around 200 died and many people are still missing but the horror of hysterical rain still continued to show its vim. Major areas which got affected because of cataclysmic calamity are kedarnath- famous pilgrimage, Uttarkashi , Rudraprayag – a small village so close to kedarnath, got totally vanished .

How the god could make a string of unforeseen upshots? Rudraprayag was considered as a dwelling place for the pilgrims where they used to freshen up themselves before going to kedarnath, got completely flourished. Under keeping this issue in deep observation, government of uttrakhand and our nation’s prime minister- Dr. Mamohan Singh made a major decision that ‘no pilgrims will be allow to visit kedarnath for a year as destruction scale is quite high’. Indo-tabieteian soldiers have got an order by the government to start rescuing victims from all meek corners. Indian government also decided to avail relief fund to victims. Under this scheme of ex-gratia, 2 lakhs will be given to the family of dead being, 50,000 to those who got injured, 1 lakhs to those whom house has entirely ruined.

Wednesday 19th, 2013 morning, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna was barracked by the mob of picketers, on his visit to see rescued pilgrims as according to the protesters government is not providing essential assistance to them.

It’s also showing many ill-facets of our Indian government as it’s evident that no one can pre-assume calamity and its eventual reaction but precaution measures could have taken if we would had informed before. Saturday morning many choppers ( around 14 dozens) are been sent to rescue people which succeeded in saving lives of around 17 foreigners and 1000 pilgrims.( D:\IMPDATA\Desktop\Uttarakhand  17 foreigners rescued, 1000 stranded pilgrims sighted – The Times of India.htm ) . June 16th – this date has already got scripted in the history of India as a “black day”. Many people are still missing, many of them got die, and some people don’t even have mark of their existence. This desolation and abrupt phenomenon of obliteration included all inside its fence of killing. The god actually shown all, how to follow “tit for tat” as humans and their hominid activity invaded the ‘stabilization sphere’ of absolute being ; god invaded ours. People complaining and blaming government on the same hand that ‘government is not providing sufficient food to all construe many people who are rescued from the effected area are dying because of starvation. Pain to be away from your loved ones, waves of emotions pouring down from the eyes are some words to decipher what’s happing in the most alchemical and beautiful arena of god- Uttrakhand.





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