A journey to explore an adventurous trail


To see whole world through my optimistic eyes, to have my diary of journey full of awesome adventurous spins. To feel cloudy nymph’s gown by humanistic touch is what I always desire. As being a future travel journalist, I want to adhere the surrounding of culture and diversity of each nook and corners of earth with so adorable partner of mine that’s my camera is what I always want and dreamt off. If someone will ask me to categorize myself I will love to put my name in the category of “Travel Obsessed creature” and would love to tag myself as “digging worm”. The moment I got to know about HATSPA and the virtual volunteering internship through so famous online sphere that is Facebook , I couldn’t resist myself to hope on the website and where I landed actually made my brain to go swirl attack it was vibrant and one can imagine the level of adventure the event will offer. Photographs on website actually stimulated my endorphins to be get sustained temporarily on the state of excitement. Mountain biking is a set of words which is like a treat for an adventure seeker as I am. Rash driving , smashing gravels, hard breaks in each curve, heart throbbing turns which always attracted me even childhood dream of mine was also the same as it was related to speed ergo pace is something I never get afraid off. Being a journalism student I also looked on the aim which this event focuses at and the optimistic idea showcased by MTB Himalaya’s website, which invaded my brain with natural and true pricks. I really do appreciate the idea of raising the sports level in Himachal Pradesh and putting most frothy object on top for which Himachal is famous at that is in Mountain biking and Hiking. The Idea to increase inflow of tourists in the most famous hub of hill stations is secondary objective this event target at which will also help to change economic sphere up to some extent. Mr. Mohit Sood’s (founder of HATSPA) idea of introducing rash gaming in India is new and will also give exposure to future nation’s porticos. Seeing all eminent riders, gear riding, base camps and never ending share of ideas with the pinch of journalistic interpretation is what this event will give to approaching hands and to have practical experiences in all, which I have expected and will love to be the part of HATSPA all the time. To live in most rustic and sporadic arena for a week will fill my valuable basket of experience with amazing lush. I feel so privileged that I got selected for to be a member of most active team of your event that is media team. I am so enthusiast to express my flow of thoughts by the action of words on the ground of hurdles.