MTB-Himalaya: Day 2

Day two of MTB Himalaya started at 5 am in the morning in Gadakuffar. Scattered sunlight of the rising sun was creating a continuous golden rim around the edges of thick clouds which was beautifying the camp area more. Bonfire was still showing its blaze which is being fired day before the 2nd day.


Evening view of Gadakuffar

Riders were coddling their bikes, volunteers were enjoying every quaff of hot tea in frigid atmosphere and villagers had started snooping around. Between all no one was aware of the 2nd day’s challenges.



Rider – Nans Johar, busy with his beauty 

Then around 10 am, Mr.Mohit Sood, (President of MTB- Himalaya) briefed riders about routes as twists always do exist in straight trail to make it more interesting and milestone is something which guides all the time. Mr. Sood also worked similarly like a milestone he guided all but announced a twist too that the race will get divided into two parts i.e. 80 km and 35 km,which in actual whorled the brain of all riders and showed green flag to all riders to commence race at 10:30 am.


Mr.Mohit Sood (president of Mountain biking Himachal)  briefing riders 

It was just a start phase; more had planned for the riders. When downhill section begun from “Matyana” riders were kind of happy but then again hurdles started appearing as awry ways was full of potholes and slippery mud. It was day-2 means more hindrances construe after slippery phase, next phase was ‘bike and hike’which made all riders to get tired like a slaves in hell.

After extreme workout on bumpy hills, the more were set to make all including good riders to perspire to the best as it was uphill extended in 8km stretch. Uphill inure came to an end at Manan Village. Till here the competition between Eduardo and TB Pradhan was quiet tough,afterwards Pradhan overtook Eduardo with great pace and stamina. The performance of Laxmi Magar was again overwhelming in 2nd day as she was above all from women soloist for or around 45 minutes.




Picture of Eduardo 



TB Pradhan being interviewed by media team

Second uphill was of around 30km and it was a major heart break for the riders after 7km undulated downhill till Narkanda – highest point for the second day challenge. Narkanda was the final destination point to reach and achieve for the riders.Camps were set 2km in within the beautiful sphere of nature which was surrounded by the blanket of foggy mist. Its feels awesome to write and share live experiences with all especially if you got the chance to live inside the periphery of nature’s wilderness.



To start the voyage over challenges Full Ocean, the third day knocked soon.




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