The fault of your “Vagina”

“You hide the facts ,The fears, The hurt The embarrassment And confusion of how I could have happened” – Carlie

Ups and downs on the glaring ground

War of sex, wagging to woo

The world is under our control (Men)

Hence you are a fucking bitch and that’s true

Sink hole of yours are meant to suck in our pole

Don’t stop if its pain …. Ohhh!!! Marie don’t be a sour

Bmw will be in your pool; Gucci will be your froe

Ohhh my bitch let me release in you

Its  gonna satisfy me and that’s true

I-pill will be your friend as latex band is not my grand

You are a girl ergo patience is in your fate-drool

Dear I used to love you, but marrying a hymen-less chic will not be true

Don’t surpass my life again as I will reveal your virginity-essay in a go

Stop flaunting as you are being “already used”

Sex before marriage is not a sign of a true love

Why did not you think before? Who will marry you?

You defamed family, u broke trust, you not virgin …..

What else left to see???….

So many scorn marks shredded on the flee

Women should be in limit that’s what I see

I am confused- everything, everyone can see,

 Then why not the stream of cry which rolling down in deep?


The pain is in every inch? You humiliating bugs that’s not pleasure, its fucking pain

You cum out and I eat pills?…. marrying that cum-tolerating girl is then a sin?

Let me correct?…. I don’t need your screwing tool , I don’t need that satisfactory glow

That’s not my gaffe to own a vagina

It’s your bad that you got local ferrule.


“and cry some more until I do it all over again” – Vanessa Stout

Rally Cross – breaking Gender stereotypes

For the first time in “The Land of Kingdoms” the Single Stage Sprint Rally named “Rally-Cross” happened on 13th -14th of September, in the hilly dike of Amber, in Rajasthan that is in– “Village Achrol”. The Sprint rally was complete speed treat for Motorsport lovers because of different dirt and gravel tracks.

wheels in pace
wheels in pace

The best moment to feel proud on was the women involvement in such Motorsport events. The smashing gravel and dust storm by those giant tires still fill my nerves with full of excitement. Being a Motorsports photographer in this gender biased nation, has always given me a satisfaction, greed to achieve more and a reason to prove other wrong who says quote and quote – “women are meant to be at kitchen”. In conversation with “Women extreme” runner up Minaxi Purohit, she elucidated her love for gypsies and motor-bots; in a way she proved that women can also have much affection for these advance gears. The same sort of words is also said by “Bani” (the winner of women extreme) – ‘competing against men give a sense of satisfaction and a good motivational kick to work even harder’.

women rally driver
women rally driver

A motorsport event isn’t only about advance machinery but it’s also promote cultural gradation of that state , these events do give people some raw experiences to sharpen their skills for betterment, a reason for women to showcase their capability and to represent nation at broader level.

wheel on reel
wheel on reel

The interesting fact to know while in conversation with locals was about the history of the rally track. A villager named Shyamdhan added-“this track was used to be Jaipur – Delhi old highway”. Learning and adorning head with Rajasthani turban was much fun. Those rustling gypsies’ noise, the warmth of engine, fast moving wheels, and mechanical flying saucer are few phrases to activate my appeased enthuse-balls and here goes one more never forgets travel nick in my travel-pyxis.