Barog – an escape from the chaos

The first whiff of chilled air and that fine portrait of nature on the cornea are still fresh in my memoir. The weekend bike ride to the Scotland of India started from the Chandigarh, which is 70km from there.


The actual feel of being in Himachal Pradesh started very before reaching the Barog, when I first saw the wary Mountains as they were hidden beneath the thin layer of white clouds.  The excitement to be on the lap of those brown behemoths where everything is etch and refined through the sieve of nature , were hitting the high bar again and again .


The continuous gust of frosty air, taken my elation to the cloud nine and those Goosebumps while riding bike was making me more curious to see Barog. The crinkled concrete arteries started hitting the gear box from Panchkula toll bridge. Those fine zigzag roads and gravel full edges making breaks to go on yank every time I took a sharp turn as it was more of like danger lying down with a  wide mouth open to engulf me as whole but believe me the view of dense pine forest will amaze you even at that time.


After riding for 40minutes I entered a space where architecture was completely dense and noisy that being named as Parwanu. There at dhaba I had salt less Rajma and Rice. I kicked my enduro to pace away from the crowd to reach Barog. After riding for few more hours I reached my destination where on the way I spotted “Grave of Barog”.  Just after walking for 10minutes from there I had himachali dim sums cooked by an old himachali lady just for 40rs. One can unfold much of peace after entering deep in the narrow lane. I moved ahead for the same. Luckily I got a hotel which was surrounded by pine forest, a complete treat for eyes and mind. As it was only two days trip I had to force my travel greed to go on halt to reach back to the hectic world.