Curtain of grey covering pain of these femmes


Curtain of joy covering the skin which has got destroy. Women are always being kept inside the fence of perplexion especially in our nation. I always wonder why always women have to follow the code of behavior and etiquettes which our society has made for us. Why culture is served as a “main course”?

These pictures I had captured when I been to a “Birhor tribal area” in Jharkhand.


I must agree on this adage that – “if you want to see the relation of human and nature, be a tribe”. The amiable nature they showed is indeed appreciable though I was afraid as I had heard a lot about their hunting skills. Those funny conversation and sarcastic ping I still remember when a group of women of the tribe said- “we love our culture and we love adorning our self, culture we follow not let it to hover over us as a Hitler-craft”.


The head of the tribe gave some bucket full of interrogative words- why urban humans are attacking absolute being (the creator of life). Their motto of life is so true and simple – “be simple, eat simple and live life long”.


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