Love of a mother

At that time, she hardly had strength to clutch anything like rest of us. Her eyes were adorned with tears. She had an image of flying wings in her eyes. Every time she was hearing the noise of an aero plane in the sky, she was hurriedly moving out to the balcony.

She felt a strange unwinding of blood knots. Finally, her hand slipped and she lost her motherly touch.


It was a moment where she had frozen. She was completely sad still she managed to smile to the face which she will be seeing after several months or may be after a year. She barely could take a step forward with her trembling legs. She kept on staring towards sky. In her illogical world, colours of fin and the turning of aircraft towards south denote that particular flying ship, in which her daughter is flying.


Pic- clicked by my mum ( she had thought this is the plane in which her daughter went)

Now, being in balcony is something she gives her half of the time.And people say they failed to find true love. Who will care as much as a mother, who will love you altruistically as mother? Who will wait for you like a mother ?

A wonderful soul, who believes in sacrificing her happiness to make an unscathed way for her child, that’s a mother.

First ride on dug-dug to Chail

Hair were stretching high, flowing so freely under the blue sky. The hide and seek of closing lashes and wind was like a nature’s way of giving spa.


Lets play “Chasing Shadow”

That tight clutch of muscles between two humans on lovable Royal Enfield made my journey even more memorable.

Who cannot love a job which allows you to travel all over India, even I love my job. Cherry on the cake that journey become more amazing when beau got involve in the same. I had only two days to enjoy and hurriedly I had to perform dual tasks that is to decide a place which can offer much of calmness and less of hominid activities. I ended up my mixing station on “Chail”- a small hill station in Himachal Pradesh.


View of chail from my Hotel window, pc- Rohin Daniel

I started off my journey, Friday early morning and took a halt at Ludhiana to meet and greet a person, who smiles and cuddle me high every time I see him.


Outside view of Ludhiana Station 

Who can take much pain in lifting a fat baby-boo and eating you up? Only a loving man can.


homemade Cake for baby-boo handler

This time I decided not to roam around much rather to rest like a nasty bumble bee and to feed on junk food like a waffle loving monster. 


Ms. Bumble -bee waffle eating monster

Very next day, We started off our journey to Chail from Ludhiana around 6 am in the morning. Mild touch of air can better be compared to the moment when mother let her child sleep in the cradle and pour all her love out of her soft bin. People say the best exercise for eyes in the morning is to see greenery all around, but this time I was seeing giant trees all my way, posing more of like a life-guards.


 The blue sky, green trees, grey road and my man on royal Enfield, what could be the more perfect idea of a road trip?


As per my wish, we followed –  Panchkula, Pinjore, Kalka, Dharampur, Barog, Solan, Kandaghat, Sadhupul to reach Chail.  The trip become more awesome when you can trust a person you are travelling with to the fullest as no one can be that caring, loving and mature enough to ride on those crazy jagged roads.

3.jpg His hands touching my calf just to check whether I am fine is such a caring gesture as talking when ones ride more over with helmets on is a mission next to impossible.


We took our first halt near Kalka as I had wanted a picture there where tunnel is. One can find around 102 tunnels via toy train whereas people on wheels can find around 4-5 tunnels only. So do not forget to take pics at tunnel the famous one is at Barog.


Kalka tunnel, pc- Rohin Daniel

The next two min stoppage was at Solan as we decided to have corn. After chewing it more of like monkeys we headed to Sadhupul.


Excitement at the top notch, pc- Rohin Daniel

Here one person needs to have little knowledge of offroading, before going ahead I asked him to stop at Sadhupul as who doesn’t want their skin to feel relaxed. Here one can find the thin stream of river Ashwini, holds sufficient water in chasm to make your journey little more interesting. Here one can opt to try adventurous game also like rappelling, flying fox, military cross etc.


Mr. Poser at Sadhupul

I am more of like an observer I love collecting rare looking stones and rather enjoying anything else I enjoyed soaking my feet in the rill of fresh water and seeing the images of white clouds adorned more of like a crown above my head.


Collecting stone for me ❤

Exploring nearby flora and fauna will not be a sin, feel like a naturalist and see what nature is offering you without disturbing the rule of absolute being.


In middle of the river Ashwini, at the back of me spot military bridge

After 30 minutes of continuous surprises  we finally reached Chail around 1:30pm. Was late as per the Google movement but whatever,  we were not in any race rather it was a road trip meant to explore and remember.  We first decided to move towards the local market in Chail as we were so hungry .there we tasted what surrounding had to offer us; we had momos and Maggie on the table , to hog on. It tasted good but budget travellers might feel it little expensive as Maggie was for Rs.70 and Veg-momos was for Rs.60.


After wards we were more of like a war survivors as we had win the war but too tired to even take a step forward. we checked in to the Chail Residency. The energy level bucked up the moment we both saw the room. It was more of like a room for dwarfs.  I enjoyed everything like seeing little heighted cupboard, doors, sofas, walls and the cottage look whereas it was funny to  my chimpanzee struggling to cross all as he is 5’11 ft.


Chail Residency 

What could be more relaxing and satisfying than seeing giant mountains covered with green cloak and slight breeze whispering in as outcome you find yourself lost somewhere in the calmness.


Very next day we decided to see “Chail Palace”. It was built in 1891; approximately covers 75 acres .A wide variety of cottages, suites and rooms are also available here but one needs to book afore to experience royal life. An entry charge to the palace is Rs. 100.

16.jpgAs I am fond of history and royal architecture, we decided to go in. The whole way to the place is thickly surrounded by tall oak and deodar trees.

With my happy mood, finally after 5 minutes we reached. The majesties have converted half part of their palace into museum. The “Maharaja’s” “Maharani’s” and “Rajkumari’s” rooms have been kept lock.


Lawn area is open to visitors. Do not forget to capture the combination of the palace, green lawn and the blue sky; perfect for wallpaper. It is a must to visit place.


pc- Rohin Daniel


pc- Rohin Daniel 


IMG-20160712-WA0022 (1).jpg

pc- Rohin Daniel

As we were less in time so we skipped Chail wildlife sanctuary but it is must to visit as it allows you trek and camping is also allowed near of it but do not forget to ask for permission from the authorities as they might provide you with securities because of wildlife activities .Chail is also known as Hiker’s paradise, few of the treks were in my to-do list unfortunately I could not but here’s the list

– Kandaghat-Chail

– Chail-Rajgarh

– Chur-Chandini

-Chail-Shimla via Junga.


I wish, my every morning be like this

Or one can also opt for fishing in the Gaura River which is full of Mahseer fish. We were lucky enough to spot a black color antelope species on the way back but unfortunately I did not get much time to click that wonderful creature as the sound of Royal Enfield made her to escape. Hence you can imagine how calm and serene this place is.


pc- Rohin Daniel

Do visit highest cricket ground in the word, situated at the height of 7500 ft. As I am not so fond of visiting religious spots until and unless something is so unique about it so I un-ticked “Sidh baba ka mandir”, still I would suggest everyone to go there as it holds very interesting history, which even I enjoyed reading afore.


There is famous lover’s lane near Chail Palace which ends up to stand-oafishly situated cottages. According to many bikers and photographers; “Kali ka tibba” is wonderland for photoholics and seeing sunset there is bliss.


pc- Rohin Daniel

Shopaholics will not find much to shop as there is only one market that too settles by locals, but yes as s gift from Chail one can buy handmade woollen caps and socks, cost in the range of Rs80-150. After that without any stoppage we headed towards Ludhiana, where I had to catch train to bring back my soul forcefully to busy streets. With a flying kiss I said bye to my beloved and train started signing off from the platform.