“Invitation – a class and status judging entity”



Recently, my sister got married and as obvious, invites are must to invite guests and relatives at this auspicious ceremony for a joyful and memorable jiff.

What I have seen since my childhood is that, people spend a lot of money to make their children wedding look luxurious and dreamy. As the part of this lavish journey invites have an important role because in our society people judge your status and also they pre-decide the money they will give as a wedding present ; that all depends on the look of the invites. As a result people end up spending hefty amount on useless- invites.

Even this ribbon is made out of a worn out fabric

But, here I had wanted to revamp the scenario and use the discarded invites to create new invites. Hence I came up with this idea of recycling invites to a beautiful invitation box. As I was the in-charge of this department, I preferred using digital platforms to send invites and also I used postcard size invites made from plantable paper plus invitation boxes to share the happiness.

My only purpose to write this blog post is to

  • Give a DIY idea to create beautiful invites from the waste.
  • I want to promote recycling stuffs, specially among the younger generation because our present and older generation still believe in show-offing their class and orthodoxy.  
  • And, I believe even single person has the ability to contribute in saving our planet, which is fading its charm every seconds.
  • Lets join hands together to bring change. If you use this idea then do use the #usewastetosave .

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