5 Things to Eat in Mussoorie

This blog simply tells you about the 5 food items you should try in Mussoorie with unknown facts about them.


सस्ता , स्वादिष्ट और टिकाऊ

Bhutta /Sweet Corn – As a part of Mussoorie (a Hill Station) exploration, its mandatory that you try “Zea Mays” alias Corn. Though Mussoorie doesn’t not do corn farming hence they get all maize from Dehradun ergo its expensive.

Raw Sweet Corn

Here you will get corn served in 2 ways – one way is that you can enjoy corn cob cooked on coal flame and the second way is- you can have boiled corn with lemon and lot of masala/spices in it.

Price – 30-50 (INR)

I tried – Corn cob cooked on coal flame

Rating – 6/10

Location – Roadside vendors

Mode of Payment – Cash

FYI- only one variety of corn is edible which is sweet corn. (So, stop saying, boiled corn as sweet corn and corn cob as corn both are sweet corn)

Momos – The smell of momos could be sense everywhere  in Mussoorie. The options you will have are of veg and chicken momos , few hawkers also sell paneer momos nowadays.

Momos at The Mall Road

Though you will have several options but personally I like momos from “The Yummy Bites” which is on the mall road.

The Yummy Bite Shop

Price – 50 (INR ) for veg momos .

I tried- Veg Steamed Momos , Maggie and Tea

Rating – 9/10

Best Place – The Yummy Bites

Mode of Payment – Cash or Paytm

FYI- Momos – Tibetan or Nepalese origin steamed food meant for appetite gratification most of the time served with chili sauce .

Dumplings  – Its a chinese wheat based snacks, which could have stuffing or could not have.

Dim Sums-   a chinese snack made from any starchy material , and could have any stuffing.

Wonton- Chinese (North) in origin, squarish in shape, fried ,ginger and garlic dominate the taste.

Maggie – You would say, Maggie well it’s common . Yes, it is a common thing on hill station and yes too overpriced but hey! you are in a hill station and having Maggie while eyeing on the Doon valley , isn’t makes this experience little different?

Maggie at The Mall Road

Price – 50 (INR ) for plain maggie .

I tried – Plain Maggie

Rating – 6/10

Best Place – The Yummy Bites ( Have several variety)

Mode of Payment – Cash or Paytm

FYI- Maggie isn’t a snack rather it is high in calories(400 calories per 100 gram).

Bakery items– What I love the most about Mussoorie is that, you could find freshly baked items but yes again overpriced but that’s completely fine because at least you are getting freshly baked items.

Price – Pastry was for Rs. 50 and a set of 4 muffins for Rs.60.

I tried – Pineapple Pastry and Vanilla Cinnamon Muffin

Rating – 8/10

Location – Near Library, Gandhi Chowk ( forgot the name of the cafe)

Mode of Payment – Cash or Paytm

FYI – Bakers journey in Mussoorie started as a part of communal oven i.e. bake-house.

Gulab Jamun/ G-Jam– If you have an extremely sweet tooth then you can go for this option. Having such brown -goldish sweet balls in the evening will give you more happiness. Why I said so, well experience it and then you will get to know and also do let me know.

G-Jam Near Picture Palace

Price – 20 (INR) per piece

I tried – Gulab Jamun

Location – Picture Palace Road

Mode of Payment – Cash

FYI – its india’s popular sweet dish around the world.

Cherry and Peach– As this area provides best temperature for such exotic fruits to grow . Hence you can find these in abundance.

Freshly Plucked Cherries by Farmer from his farm

I tried – both red cherry and peach

Rating – 10/10

Price – cherry – 80 (INR) /Kg and Peach – 80 (INR)/Kg

Location – Buy these items from roadside fruits store.

Mode of Payment – Cash

FYI – Cherries belong to the rose family. ( but it doesn’t look like, right? )

More blogs on the way on my recent visit to “The Queen of Hills – Mussorie” .

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