“Music, Dance & Theatre – Makes Me Who I Am”

Waving hands, tapping feet, blaring voices, gusto-full crowd these words make a niche parted from the rest of the busy world. Articulated music with the energetic pinch of performers muster the vibes to fill everyone heads full of pizzazz. It’s indeed true to say –“India is a cultural land, full of diversity”. If we jibe the western music culture it contains more of opera, rock and romantic fusions whereas Indian culture has a whirlpool full of diversity swirl of music and art. Presently, muddle of indo-classical with western spice just giving younker’s group of our nation to feel the amusingness of modern music. Nowadays, in the capital of India a place alias Hauz Khas village is getting star famous in the facet of modern art and music. In this urban village, ardent trails divulge everything about this place. Mannequins gaze out of the glasses like they are watching some live jaunt show. The quirkiness on the walls, graffiti all makes it a quarantine city surrounded by the bedlam roads and structures. This place has created the new culture of being artistic, diverse construe the popular culture of apparels, accessories, spas, café and street fashion have got acceptance and got circulated well this time in this area. It has become the favorite hang-out place for college students as this place is full of hidden secrets like monuments, ruined structures and live shows. It has become the centre of attraction for foreigners as well because they find this place related to their living pyramid and inexpensive. ”Delhi Drum circle “– it’s a group of drummers who do perform with the alchemic fusion of drums and entertainers to attract thousands of people to watch their live show every day. Standing under the roof full of stars and the warmth makes heart to pound more as the music increases its pace to touch and to make everyone mind num. Artistic moves and the wild clout of wires just create an atmosphere where one can actually feel the “music effect” on music lovers. Never ending coded love of mine for the music and dance, raises my soul to adore the zestful arena and to experience the sensation of my gushing rock star which is residing inside me. As humans are covered by their skin in the same manner humans do have two faces that are what they do? And what they want to do? The musical sphere always radiate strong vibes which aid in out-pouring the answer of second facet of music lovers that is what they want to do?

We all do stay in a space where music and art have got their own valuable centric leeway. It’s always being mystifying for me why I do dance when I see someone performing? Why I sing along when someone sings? In my propoundation it’s the latent effect of music on me which create a torrent of urge inside me to listen it again and again and makes my body to move on the rhythm of beats ergo can say “Music, Dance & Theatre – Makes Me Who I Am”.