Timid Bitch

IMG_20161113_213216.jpgUsing innocent soul to satisfy lust

“Hear this,to add more depth to this poem”

Amidst all hominid activities, she was highly stressed. Remembering all phases she spent with the one which she had thought to be together always and forever. She dropped that saline water ummmm famously called tears just for the one who had promised to be together always and forever.

He asked at the very starting of the meet, she remembered all blushes behind the bush. I want to marry you woman and want to stay together, we will name our children Santha and Janie so that we could add little fenny to our only life tenne.

The man said – your lips are so pink; your eyes are so bright. Can I have a glance at the same for a while?

‘Resisting my soul to be away from you is hard for me, my cute angel can we talk little more?”- This was very pleasing for her to hear this daily at the very starting of her love affair.

She had dreamt a lot and a lot, how they going to be together. After few months of first meet; under the dark shadow of nature, curtains started flowing high and wind chime starting trinkling light. Moon was adding charm to the skin and mingling of two souls had started begun.

After few months, woman look I do not have time to love you anymore as I am busy in playing and ambling everywhere. She cried and she got hurt. Next morning she managed to be strong to talk her one side decided soul mate but unfortunately again he was busy. She kept on waiting, she kept on staring at her phone but she got no messages and calls.

One day she broke her all patience and asked him- ohh my dear! What has happened to our love? Ain’t I pretty like before or ain’t you want to be together like before. I miss you so badly, don’t you? And in reply he said – ‘look woman, I am busy we will discuss later’ and here the phone disconnects.

She realized that he did not ditch her rather he broke her trust. Still she kept on waiting and till now she is waiting that one day her love for him will bring him back.

but that timid bitch forgot that once a trader done with the deal the trader won’t come back.

Drop of rain

Drop of rain, my brain got insane
full of fun, when mind swung
sky fly, when I say hi
mist of rain, made rainbow again
drop of rain, my brain got insane
ups and downs, merry-go-round
splash of rain, drenched me again
chum around, made craziness surround
wet lips, made someone to kiss
drop of rain, my brain got insane
a day full of sway, rain is insane in this way
drop of rain, my brain got insane.

Alone in a lane


Alone in a lane, Life is like the rain
Enjoying being forlorn
Because I am alone
Fake smile and fake humans  
Don’t know how?
Full of rush I just lost the “trust”
I am insane that’s what people say
I am confused, then what are they?
Alone in a lane, life is like the rain…..
Want to slain but my heart is in vane
Whispering words, whispering mind
About to fall, about to die
Deep secrets deep thoughts, killing me as it killing you
Don’t know why I choose you
Alone in a lane, life is like the rain……
Swirl of anger pushed my life in danger
Hate love and I hate you
Tears of pain about to roll
Don’t know why I loved you
My mistake, my way
Doesn’t know where will it take?
Pool of hell created by you
Waiting for an angel to sway me away from you
May pain of my heart curse you!
Alone in a lane, life is like the rain.