Love of a mother

At that time, she hardly had strength to clutch anything like rest of us. Her eyes were adorned with tears. She had an image of flying wings in her eyes. Every time she was hearing the noise of an aero plane in the sky, she was hurriedly moving out to the balcony.

She felt a strange unwinding of blood knots. Finally, her hand slipped and she lost her motherly touch.


It was a moment where she had frozen. She was completely sad still she managed to smile to the face which she will be seeing after several months or may be after a year. She barely could take a step forward with her trembling legs. She kept on staring towards sky. In her illogical world, colours of fin and the turning of aircraft towards south denote that particular flying ship, in which her daughter is flying.


Pic- clicked by my mum ( she had thought this is the plane in which her daughter went)

Now, being in balcony is something she gives her half of the time.And people say they failed to find true love. Who will care as much as a mother, who will love you altruistically as mother? Who will wait for you like a mother ?

A wonderful soul, who believes in sacrificing her happiness to make an unscathed way for her child, that’s a mother.


The fault of your “Vagina”

“You hide the facts ,The fears, The hurt The embarrassment And confusion of how I could have happened” – Carlie

Ups and downs on the glaring ground

War of sex, wagging to woo

The world is under our control (Men)

Hence you are a fucking bitch and that’s true

Sink hole of yours are meant to suck in our pole

Don’t stop if its pain …. Ohhh!!! Marie don’t be a sour

Bmw will be in your pool; Gucci will be your froe

Ohhh my bitch let me release in you

Its  gonna satisfy me and that’s true

I-pill will be your friend as latex band is not my grand

You are a girl ergo patience is in your fate-drool

Dear I used to love you, but marrying a hymen-less chic will not be true

Don’t surpass my life again as I will reveal your virginity-essay in a go

Stop flaunting as you are being “already used”

Sex before marriage is not a sign of a true love

Why did not you think before? Who will marry you?

You defamed family, u broke trust, you not virgin …..

What else left to see???….

So many scorn marks shredded on the flee

Women should be in limit that’s what I see

I am confused- everything, everyone can see,

 Then why not the stream of cry which rolling down in deep?


The pain is in every inch? You humiliating bugs that’s not pleasure, its fucking pain

You cum out and I eat pills?…. marrying that cum-tolerating girl is then a sin?

Let me correct?…. I don’t need your screwing tool , I don’t need that satisfactory glow

That’s not my gaffe to own a vagina

It’s your bad that you got local ferrule.


“and cry some more until I do it all over again” – Vanessa Stout

Dark Past

molestation(Image courtesy – Google image)

She was intimidated, was utterly coiled in pain. The twinge of mournful soul was dripping down perpetually from her eyes. Suddenly when she raised her face, off the crossed limbs, she wiped her salty howl and again she made a crossed shuck around her udder and moved ahead with her “adolescence sac” (meant for unforgettable positive memories), full of mundane brusque reminiscence and learnt ‘how she is not “Safe” on this bestial globe’.
I was standing right there on the opposite lane, would had helped her when that lusty-varmint had squeezed her teats with so much of hardness, but I did not. I had got swirl attack, my eyes were wet, had tried hard to not let that pain to hover over my painful thoughts again. I failed, that giant drop eventually fallen off from those red edges. The story of all girls in India follows the same strings.
Those surly touches, pricking on privates and nights become more horrible for all those little nymphs (if I won’t consider sodomy, as the number is still so low as compared to female child molestation). For some they are little fairies, for some princess, for some a living sex-toy? I did not get molest just on roads, I being molested number of times, domestically. I was 6 , That night I was sleeping, was dreaming high in my half unconscious mind but wasn’t that sleepy to not feel what’s crawling over my skin, I woke up and he patted my chest to made me sleep. Again, the sense of those mild touches was increasing its pace right down in between my thighs. I was too small to understand those touches but my body reacted to save me a bit from his wildness but that tightness was transient. He stretched and the flicking process had started gaining pace, as the swiftness was getting high on vigor, the flicking was converting into painful, rashes creating intense movement. I woke up and he in acted that he is sleeping. I moved towards my aunt and yes, I was hurt.
I was hurt up to that extent that it was such an arduous task to even pee. Now I think, I would had shared that with my mom at that very moment but I couldn’t collect that much chivalry to convey what had happened with me last night? And who did? And till now it’s a secret. Those afflictive touches and the process of molding were happening coextensively as per the societal code of ethics because I was growing in a male dominating society, in male’s word – I was on my “blooming stage”. My teats were visible; my body was getting those feminine curves in a way, for some lusty-stalwarts those feature were invitations for their ‘satiety fete’. I was tormented by many, many of eve-teasers some pinched my nipples, some clutched my butt, some tried to be pubic lover, some being rubbing-worms to crawl over my back and ergo I was taught to cover those yummy-dainty for instance- duppatta to cover breast, not to wear short and tight clothes like frock, jeans, knickers. The best way to not be a gasconade is by wearing suit with duppatta.
Now, I have grown up till now I think, I remember, I feel that pain. Those phases are still raw and rife in my dark room. “an innocent has nothing to fear”- this adage completely goes into a failure pit when it comes in Indian aspect, here only an innocent has to fear , they has fear from known, friends, uncle, brother and specially has fear from the outside male hominoids .

Image courtesy - google image

Image courtesy – google image

“It was dark, I was scared, wanted someone to be there
The hell of past was pushing me again,
The door of fear was gulfing me again
Caged soul was feeding on greedy tract
Now, Least in emotions, least on proposition
Ready to start the war of revenge
It was dark and I was scared….”

STEVE JOBS-an unsung hero

“Many aim for moon, and few reach among the stars”. The Steven Paul job was one of the fewest people who shone and will always keep shining in this horizon of modern era of computing and brilliance.
Born to an unfortunate unmarried couple on 24th February 1955 and adopted by Paul rein hold jobs and Clara jobs at birth in California, no one thought that this unfortunate will create history. But you know greatness never lies in birth, it always lies in deeds. Steven jobs proved it by his hard work and stubborn nature. He never got worried by his failures, and difficulties.
Steven Jobs completed his preliminary education from California. He was not a very brightest head among academics. He frequented after-school lectures at the Hewlett-Packard Company in Palo Alto, California, and was later hired there, working with Steve Wozniak as a summer employee. Following high school graduation in 1972, Jobs enrolled at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Although he dropped out after only one semester, he continued auditing classes at Reed, while sleeping on the floor in friends’ rooms, returning Coke bottles for food money, and getting weekly free meals at the local Hare Krishna temple.
In 1974, Jobs took a job as a technician at Atari, Inc. in Los Gatos, California. He traveled to India in mid-1974 to visit Neem Karoli Baba at his Kainchi Ashram with a Reed College friend (and, later, an early Apple employee), Daniel Kottke, in search of spiritual enlightenment. He stayed in India for around 7 months. He became fan Zen Buddhism religion and adopted it for his whole life.
His real journey started in 1976 with the invention of apple 1 computer. In 1976, Wozniak invented the Apple I computer. Jobs, Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple computer in the garage of Job’s parents in order to sell it. And after that he never looked back. Later Ronald Wayne left the apple computers.
And rest of the journey is in front of whole world in the form of iPods, iPads, mcbooks. Whole world is found of the excellent masterpieces of this master architect.
he suffered from many health problems during his long reign. He retired as apple CEO in august 2011 but remained with company as chairperson. Finally on October 5, 2011 world lost Steven Paul jobs. Jobs died at his California home due to complications from a relapse of his previously treated islet-cell neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer, resulting in respiratory arrest.
The world lost a star. Stars fall to create a never ending black hole. Death of Steve jobs has created the same black hole but we hope that the light he gave will continue lighting this world.

EVE TEASING: bawdiness in the nerve of Adams

Eve teasing is one of the most shameful realities of today’s modern civilized society. It is derived from the word eve from bible which stands for the first woman in the world and teasing consisting of verbal and sexual exploits of the eve. It has no sacred places as it ranges from hospitals, metros, trains, offices, colleges and even temples and Gurudwaras.
In recent few years, eve teasing has become a serious and wide spread cause of depression and fear among the females, especially in India. It ranges from dirty vulgar comments, brushing in public places and even leads to rape and deaths. Recently a medical student in Delhi was brutally raped and killed because she opposed the ugly eve teasers and same lewd case of eve-teasing had happened in one of the well known area of south Delhi “ Lajpat nagar subway” .It has become so rampant that girls even don’t find themselves safe in broad light. It can be categorized as a “Soft Rape”. From students to housewives and working women, everyone faces this eve teasing. Some faces it in metros, trains and buses, some in crowded market places, and some in male dominant offices for the sake of promotion and incentives. And the most shameful aspect is that the most active eve teasers are the educated and civilized males of this society which always hide their lustful nature by the mask of austere by the help of their white collars and foreign dollars. Studies show that every 9 out of 10 female faces the problem of eve teasing in any of its form once or more than in their life. Its quiet shameful in our society where we boast of giving women most respect and where women want to walk with equal pace and honor with men.
Government has made many laws and provisions to stop eve teasing. Providing separate women compartments in trains, metros, having special women seats in buses, providing those separate counters in railway bookings and banks are few steps taken by government but the fact is that the number of traveling and working women is increasing day by day and the provisions are too less compared to their numbers. According to my assumption for now women can sing this rhyme…”There will be a day, there will b a day, i will be no longer a prey, no longer a thing to play..There will be a day”. For this rhyme of expectations to come true both government and mango people have to understand all the factuality of feelings, truth, emotions of a women which beast of ecstasy as very well to ruin in, and every women should understand their rights and should always feed their log with important emergency numbers like women helpline numbers which really act so pacily the moment when any woman contact them. So we all should follow up this adage “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.