Weekend Fun: F9 Go Karting


This weekend spent so amazingly well. It was in my wish-list to do “Go karting” with my female bunch. So, I landed up at “F9 Go karting” as I had heard good words about the place so, I desperately wanted to know what all this place has to offer me. 

How to reach?

By Metro (Cheapest way)

The nearest metro station is IFFCO chowk , which is on the yellow line towards Huda city. This place is around 1.5-2 km far from the metro station. You can opt for the shared auto,e-rickshaw or can take 3-wheeler. Though the option of cabs are also available from the metro station. Travelling cost would be like Rs.58 (Metro) ,shared auto-10rs/person, e-rickshaw- 20/person and full auto for Rs.50.


This adventurous space had been established in year 2010. Mr.S.K Tyagi is the sole owner of the place. From the outside this place is creatively made using truck chambers.


From inside they have nice track, scraps have been used cleverly to make washrooms.

To make experience better I am listing out best things.

Best Things

  • Helmet hygiene- A new term for you? Well I am writing helmet hygiene as this was the first time I saw a Go karting people using shower cap before placing helmet on your head. 10/10 for that. 

  • Skilled and motivating trainer- The crew is actually helpful and they do guide you so well before the race.

  • Height issue sorted- If you are thinking how I am gonna put my feet on paddles as I am too short? Don’t worry they have the right solution to not let your enthusiasm go down.

  • Video and picture- As you gonna be busy in driving, duh then who gonna take picture and videos? Well don’t worry you just need to give your phone to them and tadda they will capture it perfectly.

  • Pocket-friendly- I had searched several apps to get the best price for Go Karting. Trust me they will offer more than your expectation. I had opted for Rs.350 package for 7 laps whereas got 3 laps free as a surprise.
  • 7.jpg

  • They have restaurant attached to the track- What could be more beautiful than cheering your friends while having sumptuous food. So, don’t forget to be the part of this fun fiesta.
  • 4.jpg
  • Super easy for non-drivers – Do you have a question of how to drive a go kart as you don’t know driving? chill ! they don’t ask for driving license rather they help you to learn it better as there is no clutch or gear change . Its just about race and brakes. 

I had great conversation with Mr.S.K Tyagi ( owner) , where he shared many information about the place. He is so kind and fun when it comes to the children. He moreover offered us free laps later and also the whole track to get ourselves clicked. 


Timings for Go Karting is – 1 pm to 10 pm

So, next time when your heart wants to do something new and different on weekends. Don’t hesitate in experiencing the things you never tried before. Like I tried “Go Karting”.


Rally Cross – breaking Gender stereotypes

For the first time in “The Land of Kingdoms” the Single Stage Sprint Rally named “Rally-Cross” happened on 13th -14th of September, in the hilly dike of Amber, in Rajasthan that is in– “Village Achrol”. The Sprint rally was complete speed treat for Motorsport lovers because of different dirt and gravel tracks.

wheels in pace
wheels in pace

The best moment to feel proud on was the women involvement in such Motorsport events. The smashing gravel and dust storm by those giant tires still fill my nerves with full of excitement. Being a Motorsports photographer in this gender biased nation, has always given me a satisfaction, greed to achieve more and a reason to prove other wrong who says quote and quote – “women are meant to be at kitchen”. In conversation with “Women extreme” runner up Minaxi Purohit, she elucidated her love for gypsies and motor-bots; in a way she proved that women can also have much affection for these advance gears. The same sort of words is also said by “Bani” (the winner of women extreme) – ‘competing against men give a sense of satisfaction and a good motivational kick to work even harder’.

women rally driver
women rally driver

A motorsport event isn’t only about advance machinery but it’s also promote cultural gradation of that state , these events do give people some raw experiences to sharpen their skills for betterment, a reason for women to showcase their capability and to represent nation at broader level.

wheel on reel
wheel on reel

The interesting fact to know while in conversation with locals was about the history of the rally track. A villager named Shyamdhan added-“this track was used to be Jaipur – Delhi old highway”. Learning and adorning head with Rajasthani turban was much fun. Those rustling gypsies’ noise, the warmth of engine, fast moving wheels, and mechanical flying saucer are few phrases to activate my appeased enthuse-balls and here goes one more never forgets travel nick in my travel-pyxis.