Alone in a lane


Alone in a lane, Life is like the rain
Enjoying being forlorn
Because I am alone
Fake smile and fake humans  
Don’t know how?
Full of rush I just lost the “trust”
I am insane that’s what people say
I am confused, then what are they?
Alone in a lane, life is like the rain…..
Want to slain but my heart is in vane
Whispering words, whispering mind
About to fall, about to die
Deep secrets deep thoughts, killing me as it killing you
Don’t know why I choose you
Alone in a lane, life is like the rain……
Swirl of anger pushed my life in danger
Hate love and I hate you
Tears of pain about to roll
Don’t know why I loved you
My mistake, my way
Doesn’t know where will it take?
Pool of hell created by you
Waiting for an angel to sway me away from you
May pain of my heart curse you!
Alone in a lane, life is like the rain.