Love of a mother

At that time, she hardly had strength to clutch anything like rest of us. Her eyes were adorned with tears. She had an image of flying wings in her eyes. Every time she was hearing the noise of an aero plane in the sky, she was hurriedly moving out to the balcony.

She felt a strange unwinding of blood knots. Finally, her hand slipped and she lost her motherly touch.


It was a moment where she had frozen. She was completely sad still she managed to smile to the face which she will be seeing after several months or may be after a year. She barely could take a step forward with her trembling legs. She kept on staring towards sky. In her illogical world, colours of fin and the turning of aircraft towards south denote that particular flying ship, in which her daughter is flying.


Pic- clicked by my mum ( she had thought this is the plane in which her daughter went)

Now, being in balcony is something she gives her half of the time.And people say they failed to find true love. Who will care as much as a mother, who will love you altruistically as mother? Who will wait for you like a mother ?

A wonderful soul, who believes in sacrificing her happiness to make an unscathed way for her child, that’s a mother.


A story of love which can never be true


A story of love which can never be true

Urgency in veins

Moonlight playing peek games

Curtains dancing softly

Shadows beaming under the ace of moonlight

Tender touch of holy vibes

Flow seems to be untroubled

Intoxicated souls about to get melt

Sensitiveness rushing through nerves torrent

Rain of love mingling with hot pouring elixir

Pacing the act of wildness

Roll of shy dancing with breeze

And everything seems so calm

A story of love which can never be true…