Love of a mother

At that time, she hardly had strength to clutch anything like rest of us. Her eyes were adorned with tears. She had an image of flying wings in her eyes. Every time she was hearing the noise of an aero plane in the sky, she was hurriedly moving out to the balcony.

She felt a strange unwinding of blood knots. Finally, her hand slipped and she lost her motherly touch.


It was a moment where she had frozen. She was completely sad still she managed to smile to the face which she will be seeing after several months or may be after a year. She barely could take a step forward with her trembling legs. She kept on staring towards sky. In her illogical world, colours of fin and the turning of aircraft towards south denote that particular flying ship, in which her daughter is flying.


Pic- clicked by my mum ( she had thought this is the plane in which her daughter went)

Now, being in balcony is something she gives her half of the time.And people say they failed to find true love. Who will care as much as a mother, who will love you altruistically as mother? Who will wait for you like a mother ?

A wonderful soul, who believes in sacrificing her happiness to make an unscathed way for her child, that’s a mother.


Alone in a lane


Alone in a lane, Life is like the rain
Enjoying being forlorn
Because I am alone
Fake smile and fake humans  
Don’t know how?
Full of rush I just lost the “trust”
I am insane that’s what people say
I am confused, then what are they?
Alone in a lane, life is like the rain…..
Want to slain but my heart is in vane
Whispering words, whispering mind
About to fall, about to die
Deep secrets deep thoughts, killing me as it killing you
Don’t know why I choose you
Alone in a lane, life is like the rain……
Swirl of anger pushed my life in danger
Hate love and I hate you
Tears of pain about to roll
Don’t know why I loved you
My mistake, my way
Doesn’t know where will it take?
Pool of hell created by you
Waiting for an angel to sway me away from you
May pain of my heart curse you!
Alone in a lane, life is like the rain.