Love of a mother

At that time, she hardly had strength to clutch anything like rest of us. Her eyes were adorned with tears. She had an image of flying wings in her eyes. Every time she was hearing the noise of an aero plane in the sky, she was hurriedly moving out to the balcony.

She felt a strange unwinding of blood knots. Finally, her hand slipped and she lost her motherly touch.


It was a moment where she had frozen. She was completely sad still she managed to smile to the face which she will be seeing after several months or may be after a year. She barely could take a step forward with her trembling legs. She kept on staring towards sky. In her illogical world, colours of fin and the turning of aircraft towards south denote that particular flying ship, in which her daughter is flying.


Pic- clicked by my mum ( she had thought this is the plane in which her daughter went)

Now, being in balcony is something she gives her half of the time.And people say they failed to find true love. Who will care as much as a mother, who will love you altruistically as mother? Who will wait for you like a mother ?

A wonderful soul, who believes in sacrificing her happiness to make an unscathed way for her child, that’s a mother.


The Jodhpur: the Histro-cultural land

In search of finding blue, I found myself lost in this histro-cultural land

79.jpgView of blue streets from Mehrangarh fort

The research had started a way before and bag packs were already packed a week afore with a list of to-do things in my travel diary. I had to choose very keenly, what to see, what not to as unfortunately I had only one and the half days to explore this culturally rich city.

I took Mandore express to reach Jodhpur from Purani Delhi railway station at 9:15pm, on Friday night.Find the pic here  .

IMG_20160422_204019.jpgPurani Delhi railway station

It took 9 hours to reach there. Around 4am, I felt strong chilled gust hitting my epidermal and Goosebumps worked as an alarm clock. I woke up to see out of the window to find the reason behind this amusing chilliness and I found small sand dunes all around with the green patches of thorny shrubs all over it. On the same note do not forget to carry thin woollen robe if you travelling by sleeper class or general.

The moment I stepped down from the train, the strong rays of rising sun hit my cornea.

15.jpgJodpur Railway station

After clicking a bit here and there at station I headed towards hotel and my whole way to the hotel  I felt that its replica of Bhuj.  (

14.jpgJodpur Railway station

The whole area was dry and most of the women were wearing red dupattas and most of the men there were in bright coloured turban and dhoti, but if you are fond of culture, tradition and architecture then you will fall in love with this city at a very first glance.


With an itch of not wasting my whole day lying like a royal bee, I had first place to hit on that was the “Umaid Bhavan Palace”.


Finding auto or local transport could be difficult for novices, though you can opt for lift but little scary to do that. Ola cabs are so frequently available there but keep GPS active on your multimedia box i.e. mobile. Fortunately in scorching heat I got an auto which took me to the palace and charged Rs.180.


The whole way I was amazed to see all twists and turns of grey path to the palace, I know most of you will fall in love with same.


After reaching on the top of this imperial settlement, I paid Rs.30 as an entrance fee to the museum no charges for the still camera.


The museum shows the royal life in modern era with well conserve royal stances even from the basic to the high rendition like dining table, imported culinary, carpets, dresses and you will feel proud the moment you will see the achievements of great majesties of Jodhpur.





They have got luxurious hotel rooms also to stay which is kind of impossible to see for common public as it highly chargeable and allowed to enter without prior booking. Do not forget to visit “Vintage Car Museum”. This place I would say 5 out 5, hence must visit. Perfect place for “DP ke liye photo” and to consider yourself as a part of royal world for a while.


After wards I headed towards the “The Nai Sarak”, kind of heaven for shopaholic and foodies.


One can find amazing leather work there. Various quirky bags, sling bags, mojaris (traditional shoes), yummy eateries.

So, must to-do list there?

  • Try “Makhaniya Lassi” for sure from Janta sweet Home which is at a very starting of the market, costs Rs.40 each (available in Rs.30 also).


  • Leather bags ( do not forget to bargain as it’s not camel’s leather which they assure, moreover do not buy any animal skin product)
  • Try Lahsunia Bonda
  • Bhel-puri and Sev puri of Janta Sweet home is also must to try, costs Rs.40 each.
  • Jodhpuri Jutis alias Mojaris


  • Buy Sangri and Jodhpuri Mirch
  • Try Mirch vada
  • Buy Sangri and Ker pickle
  • Jodhpuri crepe fabric made saari or dupattas (from handlooms).


After that heads towards the “Sardar Market Cirdikot”, it’s a place where Clock towers has been placed like a mounted guard to keep Jodhpuris on punctual track.


This place is under the regal provinces too as from the top of the fort one can easily see the all activities happening inside this royal fence. This place allows localite to showcase their culture and tradition to the tourists or travelers.


Must to do list here

  • Buy Jhumkas (for Rs.100)
  • Buy Jodhpuri Bangles (Rs. 150-200)


  • Be aware of hooligans
  • Do not forget to click (panorama) market and clock tower.


Fortunately, in the evening I got the opportunity to attend one Jodhpur marriage which allowed me to experiment and explore with the local food and tradition. Gatte Ki Sabzi, Ker Sangri Sabzi (also known as Pachkutaa), Kaju Draksh ki Sabji, Traditional Kadhi, Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi, Saiv Tamatar ki Sabji, Lasan Ki Chutney, Besan barfi and much more. Moreover, I tried to be a quirky turban women like rest of the people there.


You can also opt for visiting Bishnoi village and you can have the true vegetarian Jodhpuri food, though it will be a time taking process to satisfy the taste buds.

On second day, the sun was putting all heating blaze on our skin so do not forget to keep full sleeves clothes and a sun block.With few friends of mine, we headed towards a Dhabba (eating joint) to have breakfast.


We all decided to try Jodhpuri Aalu ka Paratha, after 20 minutes of ‘starving and carving’ halt the parathas arrived and most of us were yanked to see the way they had made it. It was fried paratha and for about 15 minutes I struggled to get all oil soaked inside the tissue paper. Tasting the first bite of aalu paratha allowed my taste buds to expand as it was surely a yum treat for them though it was spicy but unforgettable till now.

We all landed up to see “Mehrangarh Fort” and “Jaswant Thada”.


The history and culture have always allured me hence the fort was quiet humongous and magnificent at the first gaze. As an entrance charge, I end up paying Rs 60 plus Rs.100 for still camera. This place is perfect for a history lover and culture enthusiasts and architecture lover, might be heaven for some.


All those Jharokhas and mirror palace reminded me of “Baji Rao Mastani” so do not forget to pose like a Princess.


The best part of this fort is that they have categorized everything so well like they have cradle palace alias Palki Khana,


entertainment yard where I met 97 years old personality , he is so good in demonstrating afeem and Hookah, moreover he poses when camera clicks.


The stairs and the huge edifice structure were so beautiful. In only this part of fort and nearby area you will find blue coloured streets and houses so in tot you might not call Jodhpur, The blue city.


To see all with much of interest and clicking you need at least 3 hours and do not forget to carry water with glucon D.



“Csowkalao Mehal Terrace Restaurant”, do not forget to visit this place as sitting here and having glimpse of the fort is something you don’t want to miss for sure, though might be expensive for the pockets of some.


We had to kind of rush as we had train to catch at 6:15pm towards Delhi.


Do not forget to click Jodhpur Railway station because it completely embodies the state crowned heads and till now the phases of Jodhpur is still breathing in my travelling beam.



“Ludhiana”-the city of mills

My mind was utterly tensed and brain was grinding itself to pour down all the stress juice in my agitation bowl then all of the sudden DHEA walloped its gear in action and got an idea to travel solo to the nearest place which is kind of unexplored theoretically 😀 and I landed up on the city of mills – “Ludhiana” . Ludhiana is a city in Punjab state and is the largest city in the state. I had only one and the half day to explore as I decided to move ahead to appease my mind.


I started my journey late night around 11 pm from kashmiri gate state bus terminal, New Delhi. The fast moving vehicles and jalopies, those striking red, yellow lights on cornea was creating an ecstasy of next day and all the surprises which god had decided to yank me up with.  And all of the sudden the turban man ( sardar driver ji) started playing Punjabi songs to the highest decibel and I felt like a heroine of that movie scene where a girl fantasize and some slow songs plays in the background and all of the sudden mum shouts “Raniiiiii… Paani le aana”. And all dream come to a halt.

I stepped down from the bus at around 5am in the morning, checked in to hotel and thought of taking rest as the journey was kind of bouncy and chipper. Sigh! Before reaching Ludhiana, I had done a lot research but I could not find any valuable articles or blogs per se. I got little reliable information from the Punjab tourism website and little more from the local people and the hotel owner and ergo I decided to roam a bit to provide relevant and factual information.

I decided to go to see the “Lodhi Fort”, which is also being famous by an area around it – “Quilla Mohalla” where Quilla means “Fort” and mohalla means “an area of town”. For that I took sharing auto from samrala chowk to jalandar bypass and from there I took second sharing auto to Quilla Mohalla .


The best part of travelling in sharing auto in Ludhiana is that they do charge Rs. 10 for any location you want to travel in ( places  option given by autowalas). Always do ask anything to traffic police not from the strangers on road , asking nearby shops or info desk are also in option rota as people in Ludhiana I found little stereotype (especially men and women are not way behind to insult a creature of same gender) and boys might start following you.

For girls if you are wearing anything cleavage showing or anything above knee and moreover you are pretty so be strong and blunt. Roam anywhere you want but be attentive as people won’t spare to have a glance of your skin. So I would call it “stereotyping turbans”. You may found 2 men out of 10 in support of you or can say to protect you. So, do not hesitate to ask for help if needed.

I reached “Lodhi fort” after asking several people and was aghast to see the plea of the fort as it was mentioned in tourism website as recommended monument.

16.jpgIt was completely ruined; I still entered as I am fond of seeing abandoned and subverted places hence it was a heaven for me at least. 


I faltered for a while as Ludhiana boys were having smack and commenting vulgar, but I ignored and stepped ahead as I had completely different image of this beautiful fort and Ludhianvies. 


Though the place was calm and ruined but people there aren’t trust worthy and they will surely try to fool you.


I would recommend everyone to please visit this aloof arena and create much buzz so that Punjab tourism will take much care of this beautiful place. Do give your feedback concerning the same on Punjab tourism website. #protectmonument


I made several friends there who were good enough to have word with and to share the science of epistemology , which includes the young boy in sky blue turban named as “Mr. Sukhi Singh”, he introduced himself as The President of the Women College located in the premises of the fort and another boy in royal blue turban , introduced himself as “Gagandeep Singh” , actually both helped me a lot to accompany me to roam around the fort and to introduce nook and corner info about the same. 


(Mr.Sukhi the second person from the left , president of girls college (helped me). orange shirt an invader and teaser , extreme right is about to be president (helped me)

Few years back, Punjab government has converted this fort into a women college and mordantly, this place only has not have any protection for women.


(water storage tank for the kingdom)


(scrap to tools making bhatti, with help of hammering)


(Maharajah’s Kitchen)


(Advance tools making machines)


(secret way to secret outing)





Must to have while visiting this place:

  • Water
  • Glucon’D
  • Safety object like- pepper spray, knife and if karate queen then that’s awesome
  • Clothes – wear cotton and comfortable clothes
  • Avoid carrying expensive stuffs
  • Keep police and known number on speed dial

I had heard a lot about “Rakh Bagh”, so I decided to head towards that also which again was disappointing. Things were not well maintained. You can hop on to the small miniature moving rail which does operate inside the park only to entertain little bees. Visiting once recommended.

rakh bagh.jpg

In the evening I entered the “Punjab Agriculture university” where I found calmness and empty roads.


Entering the university is not that way easy but you can opt for entering from second gate rather the main gate which is 10min far fromlater.

20.jpgYou will find big organic farms and well maintained dairy farms and horticulture centre and purely cleaned environment.


Next day I tripped to RDB fort or Sarai Lashkari Khan also known as Doraha fort as it is located at Doraha in Ludhiana, around 60km. Where “Rang de basanti” had also got shoot in. To reach here you can take buses till “Shri Manji Sahib Gurudwara” from Ludhiana bus terminal and at the back of this religious gram you will find this fort. 


It was fun to been there but unfortunately could not explore much as it is on renovation spree.

d.jpg Must visit as you surely won’t get disappointed.


It is a Great location for photo shoots also.


When it comes to yummy tummy I tried Punjabi “Aalu paratha with butter” and cream full curd.

aalu paratha.jpgAnd Maggie of course can try anywhere. If you are in Punjab then try street foods as I am sure that every kiosk has its own taste. Try Chaap (Made of soyabean), dahi wale golgappe, various naans, fatty chicken rolls, chease and corn rolls etc. I have been to chaura bazaar also did some shopping to keep that in my travel pyxis.


Pensively, the call back alarm rung up and I got ticket of a late night train at 1:05am from Ludhiana junction, which reached Delhi junction at 6:38am in the morning.

Still much to explore in Ludhiana which I might write on it soon. 🙂




Trip to the city of weeds- “Jangladesh”

c.jpg                                             (front view of “The Junagarh Fort”)

Bikaner is a place, enough to capture your heart to let it flow in the gasp of desert.The largest fifth city of Rajasthan- “Bikaner” alias “Jangladesh”. This amazing hot place is located in the middle of the Thar desert and its hotness is enough to make you look alike bournville chocolate.

d.jpg(Asia’s largest camel farm- Bikaner (though I dint go to the exact location rather I found the whole herd of camels on the way)

This picture, I consider as one of the best click from my ‘travel pyxis’. I got the nice opportunity to capture these posers (camel) on the way to Bikaner. Asia’s largest camel farm is in Bikaner, though I did not go to the exact location rather I found the whole herd of camels on the way.The candor and unity in survival either with animals or with humans are so clear in this picture.

1014375_594020507354567_1973015652_n.jpg                                                                  (Bright and lively)

In my supposition, the word “road trip” is like “glucon D” for a travel obsessed creature and ergo the same happened with me I got full charged up like my camera battery. These picture tells a lot about ‘life in Bikaner’.


The memory attached with this picture makes me fall in love with Rajasthan again and again.

b.jpg                   (“Nari Bai Temple” where Black Rats are treated as VIPS)

Those imagined glances of Bikaner start appearing in front of my rapacious eyes.

i.jpg                                           (intricate cupola made of red stone)

Those colorful markets, heritage buildings, desert, freedom, camels aint these words add more excitement? Well for me it’s enough to make me a bouncing ball with the eye of lens.

g.jpgThe staple source of economic gain for most of the people in Bikaner is from camel. In conversation with a camel charmer- “we love them and they love us”. “Ship of desert”- umm, series of gramercy to the absolute being for gifting our globe with amazing creatures like these.



Curtain of grey covering pain of these femmes


Curtain of joy covering the skin which has got destroy. Women are always being kept inside the fence of perplexion especially in our nation. I always wonder why always women have to follow the code of behavior and etiquettes which our society has made for us. Why culture is served as a “main course”?

These pictures I had captured when I been to a “Birhor tribal area” in Jharkhand.


I must agree on this adage that – “if you want to see the relation of human and nature, be a tribe”. The amiable nature they showed is indeed appreciable though I was afraid as I had heard a lot about their hunting skills. Those funny conversation and sarcastic ping I still remember when a group of women of the tribe said- “we love our culture and we love adorning our self, culture we follow not let it to hover over us as a Hitler-craft”.


The head of the tribe gave some bucket full of interrogative words- why urban humans are attacking absolute being (the creator of life). Their motto of life is so true and simple – “be simple, eat simple and live life long”.

The fault of your “Vagina”

“You hide the facts ,The fears, The hurt The embarrassment And confusion of how I could have happened” – Carlie

Ups and downs on the glaring ground

War of sex, wagging to woo

The world is under our control (Men)

Hence you are a fucking bitch and that’s true

Sink hole of yours are meant to suck in our pole

Don’t stop if its pain …. Ohhh!!! Marie don’t be a sour

Bmw will be in your pool; Gucci will be your froe

Ohhh my bitch let me release in you

Its  gonna satisfy me and that’s true

I-pill will be your friend as latex band is not my grand

You are a girl ergo patience is in your fate-drool

Dear I used to love you, but marrying a hymen-less chic will not be true

Don’t surpass my life again as I will reveal your virginity-essay in a go

Stop flaunting as you are being “already used”

Sex before marriage is not a sign of a true love

Why did not you think before? Who will marry you?

You defamed family, u broke trust, you not virgin …..

What else left to see???….

So many scorn marks shredded on the flee

Women should be in limit that’s what I see

I am confused- everything, everyone can see,

 Then why not the stream of cry which rolling down in deep?


The pain is in every inch? You humiliating bugs that’s not pleasure, its fucking pain

You cum out and I eat pills?…. marrying that cum-tolerating girl is then a sin?

Let me correct?…. I don’t need your screwing tool , I don’t need that satisfactory glow

That’s not my gaffe to own a vagina

It’s your bad that you got local ferrule.


“and cry some more until I do it all over again” – Vanessa Stout

Dark Past

molestation(Image courtesy – Google image)

She was intimidated, was utterly coiled in pain. The twinge of mournful soul was dripping down perpetually from her eyes. Suddenly when she raised her face, off the crossed limbs, she wiped her salty howl and again she made a crossed shuck around her udder and moved ahead with her “adolescence sac” (meant for unforgettable positive memories), full of mundane brusque reminiscence and learnt ‘how she is not “Safe” on this bestial globe’.
I was standing right there on the opposite lane, would had helped her when that lusty-varmint had squeezed her teats with so much of hardness, but I did not. I had got swirl attack, my eyes were wet, had tried hard to not let that pain to hover over my painful thoughts again. I failed, that giant drop eventually fallen off from those red edges. The story of all girls in India follows the same strings.
Those surly touches, pricking on privates and nights become more horrible for all those little nymphs (if I won’t consider sodomy, as the number is still so low as compared to female child molestation). For some they are little fairies, for some princess, for some a living sex-toy? I did not get molest just on roads, I being molested number of times, domestically. I was 6 , That night I was sleeping, was dreaming high in my half unconscious mind but wasn’t that sleepy to not feel what’s crawling over my skin, I woke up and he patted my chest to made me sleep. Again, the sense of those mild touches was increasing its pace right down in between my thighs. I was too small to understand those touches but my body reacted to save me a bit from his wildness but that tightness was transient. He stretched and the flicking process had started gaining pace, as the swiftness was getting high on vigor, the flicking was converting into painful, rashes creating intense movement. I woke up and he in acted that he is sleeping. I moved towards my aunt and yes, I was hurt.
I was hurt up to that extent that it was such an arduous task to even pee. Now I think, I would had shared that with my mom at that very moment but I couldn’t collect that much chivalry to convey what had happened with me last night? And who did? And till now it’s a secret. Those afflictive touches and the process of molding were happening coextensively as per the societal code of ethics because I was growing in a male dominating society, in male’s word – I was on my “blooming stage”. My teats were visible; my body was getting those feminine curves in a way, for some lusty-stalwarts those feature were invitations for their ‘satiety fete’. I was tormented by many, many of eve-teasers some pinched my nipples, some clutched my butt, some tried to be pubic lover, some being rubbing-worms to crawl over my back and ergo I was taught to cover those yummy-dainty for instance- duppatta to cover breast, not to wear short and tight clothes like frock, jeans, knickers. The best way to not be a gasconade is by wearing suit with duppatta.
Now, I have grown up till now I think, I remember, I feel that pain. Those phases are still raw and rife in my dark room. “an innocent has nothing to fear”- this adage completely goes into a failure pit when it comes in Indian aspect, here only an innocent has to fear , they has fear from known, friends, uncle, brother and specially has fear from the outside male hominoids .

Image courtesy - google image

Image courtesy – google image

“It was dark, I was scared, wanted someone to be there
The hell of past was pushing me again,
The door of fear was gulfing me again
Caged soul was feeding on greedy tract
Now, Least in emotions, least on proposition
Ready to start the war of revenge
It was dark and I was scared….”