Experiences in the MTB event and the growing popularity of adventure sports

Those golden rays of sun, frosty whiff, left ashes and continuing fire splinters, those twines of deodar tree and psychedelic adventures were enough to make me feel yanked with excitement.


(Camp site- Gadakuffar, day-1)

My journey to India’s famous mountain biking event “MTB-Himalaya-2013” had started alone in the calmness of night. Being a woman solo traveler, it was indeed difficult to even think about travelling in the night but that sense of afraid was not that impactful or one can say dominating to hover over my passion to ‘explore and click’. 



(Picture from the real window while traveling in bus)

The level of enthusiasm did not let me sleep whole night. New place and new people to know, to work with all these thoughts were jagging my encephalon. Those imagined glances of “Shimla” making me smile like a day-dreamer. Being a part MTB-Himalaya was unforgettable. I still remember when I had got the media volunteer strap card for which I had waited so long, it was a melodramatic moment for me as I had mixed emotions of sentimental prick and smiling go like we usually see in 90s Bollywood films.



(Morning view of Shimla)

It was not just an event rather it was an opportunity for me to understand and see the culture and tradition of a place where people share a common boat to disseminate their ideas, views and respect. I was like that frog who just got an opportunity to jump out of its guarded well to explore the surroundings as being a media person there I did the same – I interviewed people, I captured, I wrote, I explored at the end I got more encouraged and was more informative. 


(Fun while working inside the cultural sphere of Himachal)

The best part of being as a team member of MTB-Himalaya was the new facet of India and people; I got to see one-on-one. As India has changed its strata from “underdeveloped” to “developing nation” in the same pace, the developing canoodle scooping citizens in the same modern eddy. Adventure sports nowadays have started flutter over Indians. People are getting more indulge in these die-or-survive scenarios and positive fact is that they are making a top space in the list of all for example “Narain Karthikeyan” in formula1 racing, “Bachendri Pal”– 1st women to climb up mount Everest etc. women are not less in showing their stronger side in this patriarchal sphere by participating in so called “Men’s game”.

Motorsports events like – “Raid de Himalaya”, “Autocross”, “RRR” are all outcome of the love which motorsports idolizers have. “Adventure sports are drug to me”- Mr.Raj Singh Rathore (famous Indian origin rally-master) I support this adage completely; once humans get infected with the cupid of adventure then the effect of it sustains lifelong. Even I am amongst those who got invaded hard by the virus of “am-risk”. Having been part of the “Thar Motorsports family” from few months, I’ve learned a lot about the racing world. However, there’s one thing I haven’t done – to see live “DAKAR” race. Those cute modified machinery with powerful and intoxicating sound always makes me jump like a tripping monkey who is mad about racing off road.


 Feel of the rumbling of unrestricted engines always make me to think about desert monster created by the super fast machineries most of time in deserts. 


(Desert Monster)

The addiction of adventure sports is itself not resistive. I still remember when I had got a call from the director of “The Thar Motorsports” and my insane reaction afterwards. It’s a true phrase “to reach your destination, you need milestones” – The great warriors (J.C Kishore), I strongly agree as in the world of motorsports, the person who being milestone for me was “Mr, Raj Singh Rathore” who taught every inch and jargons concerning rally and the motorsports. From there on I am still more delirious about reccez, rally, and click. The way adventure sports are invading environ all over the world soon it will spread its archegonial forge and positive hysteria with more impact and thrill to motivate newbie.