Drop of rain

Drop of rain, my brain got insane
full of fun, when mind swung
sky fly, when I say hi
mist of rain, made rainbow again
drop of rain, my brain got insane
ups and downs, merry-go-round
splash of rain, drenched me again
chum around, made craziness surround
wet lips, made someone to kiss
drop of rain, my brain got insane
a day full of sway, rain is insane in this way
drop of rain, my brain got insane.

Alone in a lane


Alone in a lane, Life is like the rain
Enjoying being forlorn
Because I am alone
Fake smile and fake humans  
Don’t know how?
Full of rush I just lost the “trust”
I am insane that’s what people say
I am confused, then what are they?
Alone in a lane, life is like the rain…..
Want to slain but my heart is in vane
Whispering words, whispering mind
About to fall, about to die
Deep secrets deep thoughts, killing me as it killing you
Don’t know why I choose you
Alone in a lane, life is like the rain……
Swirl of anger pushed my life in danger
Hate love and I hate you
Tears of pain about to roll
Don’t know why I loved you
My mistake, my way
Doesn’t know where will it take?
Pool of hell created by you
Waiting for an angel to sway me away from you
May pain of my heart curse you!
Alone in a lane, life is like the rain.


Esplanade of comfort- “Eminence-organic”

To purify soul and mind by fondle yourself to get the feeling of being in a miraculous world of comfort where you can espouse the ‘flower of bolster’ from the garden of essentials. To experience this amazing “roll of comfort “-a string of Hungarian beauty products have launched by a leading company “eminence-organic” all the way from Hungary in India. Eminence-organic situated in Jhangi Street of Shahpur jat in the third city of Delhi that is in Sirifort. Ardent trails divulge everything about this place. Mannequins gaze out of the glasses like they are watching some live jaunt show. The quirkiness on the walls, graffiti all makes it a quarantine city surrounded by the bedlam roads and structures.
This place has created the new culture of being artistic, diverse construe the popular culture of apparels, accessories, spas, café and street fashion have got acceptance and got circulated well this time in this area. It has become the favorite hang-out place for college students as this place is full of hidden secrets like monuments, ruined structures. It has become the centre of attraction for foreigners as well because they find this place related to their living pyramid and inexpensive.
Eminence –organic has come up with something bizarre from other spas as here one can select the product of their choice to make emotional aura blithe. They do offer wide variety of beauty and skin care products like lip plumper, moisturizer, cleanser, massage pack, antioxidant serum, herbal eye-make up remover etc. Nonpareil part of these products is its all natural handmade products so these products grant no side-effects. Hungary is always being exalted for their way of skin care treatment, many female sovereign from different country used to come here to get them treated. Eminence-organic is a Hungarian brand originated in 1958.Their products are made from natural contents cinnamon, bio-flavanoids, rose, yogurt, green apple, pomegranate etc ergo these products give you better result than other skin and beauty care products.
Many celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Wilde, Peter facinllie, Jessica Biel accepted this fact that eminence-organic beautify their skin and make it more radiant. They have well-experienced team which helps to groom fully in more natural way and their effect last for longer duration. They have reasonable packages of spas, massage and products even they have packed these products in a creative manner so they also adduce the gifting product range. One can reach here by any mode- car, metro and bus. Nearest metro station is Hauz Khas from there auto would be a better option as from metro station its 1.5 km far.
To experience amazing journey of adornment, to avail benefits to chase the effulgent moment to look more gorgeous and radiant all its need to visit Eminence-Organic India. One place schleps copious benefits.


“Age of rocks and the life of rings, time to know because you are about to swing”

Do u know what ‘Lichens’ Are?
You must have noticed the green patches of irregular raised structures of about few millimeters (observe closely) on bare rocks, walls, branch of trees ,gravestones, window panes, that sporadic network of foliose are scientifically known as “Lichens” . Lichens are conglomerate organism living on this earth before the time of great reptiles. Lichens are pervasive and may be long-lived. They are the only organism which shows amazing composite relationship of fungus and algae. Lichens have got such a flabbergast endurance to survive in a hostile environment like desert, coast full of rocks, toxic scoria heaps, arctic. The term Lichen was first coined by the Father of Botany “Theophrastus”.
There are about 15000 species of lichens. Lichens commonly live under soggy and open condition but can endure intense desiccation. They are slow grower. Some lichens in arctic region are found to be 4500 years old. They show many incongruities in their coloration like they may be grey, yellow, green, orange, black, dark brown. Colored lichens are mostly toxic.
In semblance, lichens mainly are of three kinds- fruticose, foliose, crustose.
Fruticose lichens look like a bush and attach to the bottom by a disc for instance Usnea. Foliose, this kind of lichens have flat and lobed and leafy structure for example Parmelia. Crustose lichens are substratum compressed and crust-like Graphis, Rhizocarpon is all example of this.
Lichens are diminutive to say only they have got so many ecological beneficiary factors to save this earth from bipedal extra brainy minds. Lichens are considered as the pioneer colonizers of non- productive vicinity. Actually lichens secrete some acid which delineate the rocks and form cervices where organic matter amalgamates which help lower category plants to grow like mosses and grasses. In some country people also consume lichens as an edible food like in tundra main food of reindeer, musk is reindeer moss ( Cladonia rangifera) , in Iceland -Iceland moss ( Certaria islandica) is used as a food. Norway and Sweden consider a lichen alias Lecanora esculenta as bread of heaven. In Japan a vegetable stone mushroom is actually lichen scientifically known as Endocarpon miniatum.
Many biological stains like orcein, litmus have been extracted from lichen named Rocella tinctoria . Ramalina, Evernia, Lobularia pulmonaria are some lichens from which scented incense are formed.
Lichens have got many importances in traditional medicine as well. Usnic acid from Usnea and Cladonia has antibiotic property. Many ointments for wounds and burns have been prepared from lichens. It’s a true adage to say- “everything has two facets bad and good” So as lichens have. Apart from its importance let’s discuss some damaging effect of lichens- in hot season lichens are the reason to produce forest fires mainly by Usnea ( fruticose lichen).
As lichens loves humid place to grow and as mentioned above they secrete some acids which can etch the rocks, building, window panes, marble, and cement hence mutilate the human structure.
Lichens are great indicator of increase in air pollution especially pollution cause of sulphur dioxide, Hence known as environment “Biomonitors”. Actually lichens don’t posses any root system to absorb nutrient from soil for their survival so they cardinally depends on air to fulfill their requirement. And hence elements in lichens often reflect the accumulated composition of air. Lichens also don’t have guard setup like stomata and cuticle to cease the deposition of unwanted gases and toxic material like aerosol which directly affect its photobiont layer and eventually lichen die.
God is so creative no doubt, he created us and gifted humans with brain and so angelic nature. But the human creator was unaware of the fact of being betrayed by his creation. God made us and gifted his alluring garden of love to be glorified by humans but rather than doing so we have converted ourselves into a ‘mannequin of annihilation ‘.
So it’s the time to evoke the wave of empathy to protect our planet, to protect ourselves to enjoy being in the lap of nature.

STEVE JOBS-an unsung hero

“Many aim for moon, and few reach among the stars”. The Steven Paul job was one of the fewest people who shone and will always keep shining in this horizon of modern era of computing and brilliance.
Born to an unfortunate unmarried couple on 24th February 1955 and adopted by Paul rein hold jobs and Clara jobs at birth in California, no one thought that this unfortunate will create history. But you know greatness never lies in birth, it always lies in deeds. Steven jobs proved it by his hard work and stubborn nature. He never got worried by his failures, and difficulties.
Steven Jobs completed his preliminary education from California. He was not a very brightest head among academics. He frequented after-school lectures at the Hewlett-Packard Company in Palo Alto, California, and was later hired there, working with Steve Wozniak as a summer employee. Following high school graduation in 1972, Jobs enrolled at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Although he dropped out after only one semester, he continued auditing classes at Reed, while sleeping on the floor in friends’ rooms, returning Coke bottles for food money, and getting weekly free meals at the local Hare Krishna temple.
In 1974, Jobs took a job as a technician at Atari, Inc. in Los Gatos, California. He traveled to India in mid-1974 to visit Neem Karoli Baba at his Kainchi Ashram with a Reed College friend (and, later, an early Apple employee), Daniel Kottke, in search of spiritual enlightenment. He stayed in India for around 7 months. He became fan Zen Buddhism religion and adopted it for his whole life.
His real journey started in 1976 with the invention of apple 1 computer. In 1976, Wozniak invented the Apple I computer. Jobs, Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple computer in the garage of Job’s parents in order to sell it. And after that he never looked back. Later Ronald Wayne left the apple computers.
And rest of the journey is in front of whole world in the form of iPods, iPads, mcbooks. Whole world is found of the excellent masterpieces of this master architect.
he suffered from many health problems during his long reign. He retired as apple CEO in august 2011 but remained with company as chairperson. Finally on October 5, 2011 world lost Steven Paul jobs. Jobs died at his California home due to complications from a relapse of his previously treated islet-cell neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer, resulting in respiratory arrest.
The world lost a star. Stars fall to create a never ending black hole. Death of Steve jobs has created the same black hole but we hope that the light he gave will continue lighting this world.

EVE TEASING: bawdiness in the nerve of Adams

Eve teasing is one of the most shameful realities of today’s modern civilized society. It is derived from the word eve from bible which stands for the first woman in the world and teasing consisting of verbal and sexual exploits of the eve. It has no sacred places as it ranges from hospitals, metros, trains, offices, colleges and even temples and Gurudwaras.
In recent few years, eve teasing has become a serious and wide spread cause of depression and fear among the females, especially in India. It ranges from dirty vulgar comments, brushing in public places and even leads to rape and deaths. Recently a medical student in Delhi was brutally raped and killed because she opposed the ugly eve teasers and same lewd case of eve-teasing had happened in one of the well known area of south Delhi “ Lajpat nagar subway” .It has become so rampant that girls even don’t find themselves safe in broad light. It can be categorized as a “Soft Rape”. From students to housewives and working women, everyone faces this eve teasing. Some faces it in metros, trains and buses, some in crowded market places, and some in male dominant offices for the sake of promotion and incentives. And the most shameful aspect is that the most active eve teasers are the educated and civilized males of this society which always hide their lustful nature by the mask of austere by the help of their white collars and foreign dollars. Studies show that every 9 out of 10 female faces the problem of eve teasing in any of its form once or more than in their life. Its quiet shameful in our society where we boast of giving women most respect and where women want to walk with equal pace and honor with men.
Government has made many laws and provisions to stop eve teasing. Providing separate women compartments in trains, metros, having special women seats in buses, providing those separate counters in railway bookings and banks are few steps taken by government but the fact is that the number of traveling and working women is increasing day by day and the provisions are too less compared to their numbers. According to my assumption for now women can sing this rhyme…”There will be a day, there will b a day, i will be no longer a prey, no longer a thing to play..There will be a day”. For this rhyme of expectations to come true both government and mango people have to understand all the factuality of feelings, truth, emotions of a women which beast of ecstasy as very well to ruin in, and every women should understand their rights and should always feed their log with important emergency numbers like women helpline numbers which really act so pacily the moment when any woman contact them. So we all should follow up this adage “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Wonder land in the concavity of amour-Ramgarh

Ramgarh a place where angels stay, unelevated clouds look like the blanket of the nymph’s gown surrounding everyone to make them feel the chill of amusingness, a place where the babyhood dream to bottle in the clouds, come true. Angelic place, adroit people, a heaven are some words to construe this hill station. Ramgarh is the only hill station left in India not ruined by the hominid activity. This is the only place which shows god’s creativity in all aspect. This place comes on the way to Mukhteswar in Uttrakhand. It’s being divided into two levels malla (1500meters) and talla (1900m) means upper and lower altitude respectively. Fruits laden branches of trees and clouds covered peaks are the most captivating things to tourist which make them keep their eyes wide open to see the almighty god’s show of alchemy hence this place alias as” The fruit bowl of kumaon” also. Ramgarh is about 320 kms from Delhi via Bhowali, not much populated (3000people) like other blitz hill stations. Britishers were the first people to discover this serene hidden place to spend their lesuring time. Rare ferns and orchards are found there in abundant.2

The view of Himalayans peak is so magnificent from the malla region, in the January and February tourist can see the snow loaded Himalayans peaks easily. People there share the common expression of wrinkles and irrationality, the shade of superstition has completely clutched the people mindset there as according to them –“ghosts do stay in every each corner of the mountains awry ways and they slain the adolescent damsels because the fragrance of pubescent attracts them the most, so the people there don’t even allow the girl child to go school once they enter the stage of to be mature”. People there are very addicted to tea and rum as both the liquids keeps them fresh and warm. In sweets tourist can find everything but extra boiled hot milk with the pinch of sugar above and “apple’s jalebi “is just so different.7

Lion is the king of jungle but here languor can be titled as” The king of trees” as the movements of tripping on trees of these fun-loving animals are common to observe. People from cities have established their cottages there to spend their holidays in the valley of surprises as the weather there is so charlatan. Spring water is the only source of water in Ramgarh. In flora- cobra lily, ferns, apple and walnut trees are so common to find. Small colorful birds, kites, wood-pecker, sparrows are some birds which people can see casually.

Staircase agriculture is the sole way of cultivation ergo the staple mode of economy there is the business of maples export. Foodie people will not find much there to explore instead they can try some mountain food like hathmissi-roti, thupa, curd and cannabis seed raita.5

A place where greenery with the curtain of calmness do exist together, a place far away from the chaotic corner of the city serve tourists with the ethereal composition by absolute being (god). Stewardship needs more to be get enhanced before raze soul invade the sphere of Eden, in Ramgarh.